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Public liability insurance

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Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance

We are a broker which specialises in providing low cost public liability insurance for those trading in the UK, whether you are a business with multiple employees requiring employers liability insurance or a sole tradesman requiring liability insurance we can help you with an online quote from a panel of different insurance companies.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is a specific policy to provide cover for third party injury or property damage you cause during the course of your occupation. For example if you were a builder working inside of a clients property and accidently knocked over an expensive vase whilst carrying more equipment into the property. An example of injury would be if you were to leave your tools laying on the floor and the client was to then trip over the tools and injure themselves holding you liable for their injury.

Liability insurance

Public liability insurance workers Liability insurance is not legally compulsory at this moment in time although it is recommended that you have insurance in place as part of your ongoing business plan to provide protection for your public liability, failure to do so could ultimately bankrupt your business should the worst occur. Getting a quote for liability insurance takes only a few minutes and we can arrange cover for you either online or over the telephone and provide you with your documents to show to any employers or anyone else who may request to see your documents.

Employers liability insurance

Employers liability insurance Employers liability insurance is legally compulsory if you have any employees or any labour only sub-contractors, failure to have a valid policy in place would be breaking UK legislation. You can get an online quote from a range of different insurers through our automated web system meaning you can not only find out what premium you will need to pay but also initiate cover if you make payment online using your card today.

Public liability insurance quote

Liability insurance quote Getting an online quote for low cost public liability couldn't be easier, simple complete our short online form and then let our system search for a policy to meet your requiremetns from a range of different insurers meaning instead of having to search around for days yourself you can simply let our system do the work for you within a few seconds. Simply visit our public liability insurance quote page to get a quote today and proceed with cover. This type of liability cover should not be mistaken for property owners liability which you would usually find included in a landlords insurance policy.

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